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At our Cambridge physiotherapy clinic our physiotherapists have many years of practice in treating sporting injuries, both those who take part at an amateur level and those who are of an elite standard. Their treatment plan has to be unique to them; where possible we attempt to create a treatment plan that allows them to maintain a degree of training through their recovery.

We have discovered that by devising pain free treatment plans, the rehabilitation is a shorter process. This is because we are not generating a secondary inflammatory response, leaving the body to only have to deal with the initial trauma.

Undertaking work with many sports both professional and amateurs, including, football, rugby, cycling, running, netball, hockey, parachuting etc.

Cambridge Physiotherapy Clinic

When you come for treatment at our physiotherapy and sports injuries clinic in Cambridge one of our physiotherapists will firstly take a full history. On visiting on physiotherapy practice in Cambridge for the first time we believe that our physiotherapists need the whole story to get the treatment right for you. This is followed by practical, hands on examination; from this we will discuss our findings, insights and a bespoke treatment plan will be devised and shared with you.

We can never give a figure for how many treatments will be needed as we are constantly assess you – the patient. Generally we feel the patient should notice an improvement after 3 treatments.

Sports Massage Cambridge

Sports Massage combines a range of massage techniques to relax tight muscles, improve movement and reduce pain. This will reduce your injury risk, restore normal postures, maintain optimal biomechanics and improve performance.