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Treatment of Children
It is important to recognise that children are not simply ‘small adults’. Caring for children and adolescents with musculoskeletal problems, is a highly specialised area of physiotherapy. Many physiotherapists familiar with treating adults, will have had little or no experience of assessing and treating children or adolescents.

At Olivia Mercer Physiotherapy Clinic in Cambridge we provide the opportunity to seek professional advice and treatment, from an expert in the field of paediatric musculoskeletal physiotherapy.


Physiotherapy rehabilitation focuses on the development of your child through facilitated play, hands-on techniques and encouragement of normal movement patterns and sensory responses. We use a wide range of paediatric approaches and equipment to make learning and rehabilitation a very positive and enjoyable experience. We also work towards developing confidence and boosting your child’s self-esteem working towards total rehabilitation.

When you come for treatment first we take a full history. On visiting on practice for the first time we believe that we need the whole story to get the treatment right for you. This is followed by practical, hands on examination; from this we will discuss our findings, insights and a bespoke treatment plan will be devised and shared with you.

We can never give a figure for how many treatments will be needed as we are constantly assess you – the patient. Generally we feel the patient should notice an improvement after 3 treatments